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Nanjing Yuanfang Sculpture Landscape Art Co., Ltd., sculpture company, was established in 2006, with a sculpture factory of 6500 square meters and a registered capital of 5 million yuan; It is a modern joint-stock sculpture enterprise integrating sculpture design, sculpture production and installation; It is a modern sculpture manufacturer with large scale and strong construction capacity in China; It is a cultural enterprise unit with senior professors and experts from famous sculpture colleges and design institutes as art directors. It has a large sculpture creation and production site; Have the ability to design, produce and process large and extra-large sculptures; It has a large number of experienced and professional design and construction personnel. In terms of sculpture design and processing, it has more than ten years of technical reserves for sculpture modeling lofting, CAD digitization, 3D printing model, material selection, steel frame mechanics, skeleton welding, plate cold welding, split coloring, internal and external protection treatment, surface polishing, photoelectric combination, interactive device, sculpture load, foundation embedment, etc; In the process of sculpture production, transportation and assembly, it has formed its own unique technical standards and construction skills, thus ensuring the perfection of design, quality and details. In the new year, with the support of old and new friends and the care of the Party and the government for many years, we will set new goals and set high tasks in accordance with the requirements of "roll up our sleeves and work hard" and "craftsman spirit", and strive to be better and stronger in the industry; We should strengthen our cultural confidence, grasp the pulse of the times, listen to the voice of the times, and adhere to the principle of keeping pace with the times, taking the people as the center, offering the people with high-quality products, and leading the fashion with enlightened morality; Take the initiative to record the new era, write the new era, and eulogize the new era, have the courage to answer the topic of the new era of sculpture creation, find the theme of sculpture creation from the great creation of contemporary China, capture the inspiration of innovation, profoundly reflect the historical changes of our era, draw the spiritual map of our era, draw the portrait of the era, establish the biography for the era, and show the virtue for the era. Take the creation and production of outstanding sculpture works as the central link of the work, and strive to create and produce more outstanding sculpture works that spread the contemporary Chinese values, reflect the spirit of Chinese culture, reflect the aesthetic pursuit of Chinese people, and organically integrate ideological, artistic...



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